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welcome to the bakhashwain site

In 1947, our company was established by the founder Sheikh Salem Mohammed BAKHASHWAIN (God bless him). In 1972, the company became the leading importer and exclusive distributor in the Kingdom for household, kitchen utensils, glassware, and home textiles.

Based in the Western City of Jeddah, it covers the Central, Eastern, Southern, and Northern regions by our branches and divisions. BAKHASHWAIN branches are equipped with full facilities such as warehouses, transportation services, and maintenance facilities and showrooms.

For further details, please donít hesitate to contact us through the following address:†

P.O. Box 743,†Jeddah†21421
Saudi Arabia
Tel. No.: 966-12-657-3111, Ext. 222 & 226
Fax: No. 966-12-657-3131
E-mail: info@bakhashwain.com

Happy browsing. Yours sincerely,

Mohammed S. Bakhashwain

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